Website Investor Masterclass – Pilot

Hey there,

Thanks for your interest in becoming one of the founding students of this masterclass. The first intake of students is going to be very limited, and this first iteration will be a “Pilot” course.

This means it will just be me and up to a maximum 25 students.

This will keep the quality high, as I’ll be able to focus on each individual.

I don’t want to create a course that is in the form of a general video library and say “Here are the videos, get on with it and good luck!”

Instead, this first Pilot edition will take place over live group calls, and individual 1 on 1 training calls. These will also be recorded, so if you miss a few calls, or you just want to review the previous ones, I’ve got you covered.

Your Questions Answered

As you probably know, I sent a few emails last week asking your opinions on the course, and what kinds of things you'd like covered if I go ahead.

I received some fantastic responses. Most of you validated my ideas by suggesting things I was already considering, and others of you suggested things I hadn't thought of. You guys are really helping shape this course.

Here are some of the things I was asked about:

How do I make sure the website doesn't tank after I buy it, due to my ignorance in running it?

How do I make sure the website doesn't tank after I buy it, because the seller was lying about something?

What specific criteria checklist do you look at in terms of evaluating potential. Is it under-optimized content? Good links? 

How to calculate (or estimate) quick wins and how much profit you could expect to get on your return?

How do you know the scalability potential of a website?

What if I buy a website where i initially felt I know all about around the topic and later find myself stuck? How do I overcome the hurdle?

If buying privately what is the best way to do it to ensure all goes smoothly and you have the highest level of protection possible?

This is just a small selection of the questions I received, which shows that you are all thinking about this in the right way.

And yes, every single one of those questions (and more) will be answered in detail in the course, even during the pilot.

Here's how the Pilot Course is going to go down:

1.) Every week we will meet as a group, and I'll deliver a 45-60 minute lesson, with 30 mins for Q+A at the end (day/time to be decided once I know who is in, and what times work best for them). As mentioned, these calls will also be recorded, so no problem if you miss any.

2.) In addition, we'll fit in 2 x 30 minute 1on1 calls that you can book at any time during the course duration.

3.) I'll also create a few checklists and blueprints for you to practice with. Things like checklists on performing due diligence, score systems for evaluating websites and niches, and a few other resources as well.

We're going to cover everything required to get you to the point where you can comfortably buy your first established website, whether it's a $1,000 site or a $50,000 site...though I recommend starting small.

Here are the lessons I'm going to teach:

Lesson 1 - Different Types Of Website Investments

We'll look at which types of websites you could buy, the best opportunities, the areas you should avoid, and how to evaluate different site types. I'll also explain about different strategies, ranging from short flips, to longer term holds.

Lesson 2 - Searching For Sites + Evaluating Different Options

Where can you look besides Flippa and Empire Flippers? I'll show you the five different places I've been looking, which includes a brief explanation of trying to find off-market deals too. Once you've found something that interests you, how do you determine if it's better than other opportunities? We'll learn more about that on this call.

Lesson 3 - More Due Diligence

This is arguably the most important lesson. It's one thing to evaluate opportunities, but another to make sure you're not going to lose your investment right after buying the site. I'll walk you through all the different ways I analyze sites worth buying, and will show examples of bad deals.

We'll also create a checklist for you to follow.

Lesson 4 - Growth Opportunities

Once you've found a site that passes due diligence, how do you grow it to maximise your investment and reduce your payback time? There are a few different things you can try, and that's what we'll learn in week 4.

Lesson 5 - Bidding/Buying Sites + Migration

This is a more practical lesson covering the ins and outs of actually bidding for a site, determining a good price, and how to migrate the site to your possession.

Lesson 6 - Monitoring, Maintaining And Growing A Site Once Bought

This lesson is about how to set things up so that you can make sure the site at the very least maintains its income levels after you buy it. We'll then look at what you do next to grow the thing!

Lesson 7 - Selling The Site

Finally, how do you sell a site and when is the best time to do so?

1 on 1 Calls

As well as these 7 group lessons, there will be an opportunity for you to book two 1on1 calls with me at any time during the duration of those 7 weeks, or later if necessary. This is a great chance to dig into some specific details or even ask me to go over some deals you're considering.

By the time you're done, you'll be able to determine which sites are worth buying, which ones should be passed on, and you'll also know how to maximize your investment once bought. You'll be ready to buy and sell your first sites.

In the future, this course is going to become even more in-depth beyond these first 7 lessons. I'll cover more advanced things like funding sources, different tax options, and more advanced strategies, and anything else people need to know about.

For now though, I just want to make the course hit the minimum viable outcome of having you get ready for your first purchase (or get better at purchasing if you've done it before).

When Does The Course Start?

I'm looking at starting on or around March 1st. I'll check in with those of you who sign up first and ask whether midweek or weekend calls work better, and will try to find a time/day of the week that everyone can attend.

This means the course will run from March 1st until Mid-April, but you can go at a slower pace if need be, and you won't lose any lessons if you miss a week here and there. Of course, the more you can attend, the better.

Let's Talk About Price

When the full course launches, it's going to cost $2,000. Remember, this is going to be a very in-depth, high-touch course which could change your financial future.

However, since this is a pilot launch and I'll only cover about 50% of the details of the final course.... can join for just $997. (Click here to secure your spot).

Don't Miss Out - Only 25 Spots

As I mentioned earlier, there are only 25 spots available in the first class, so if you miss it, you'll have to pay more later, and will also have to wait at least 8 weeks before my next start date.

The course is going to start on or around March 1st (This depends on if students prefer Saturday calls or midweek calls), and will run for 7 weeks.

You will be able to watch recordings of videos and will also get lifetime access to a FB group I'm making especially for students...but you shouldn't sign up unless you're going to be able to attend calls in March and April. I want to make sure I can deliver the best results for those first students.

If you're interested, you can lock-in your place by sending payment here.

If you have some additional questions, feel free to reply to the email I just sent about this.

Thanks, and see you inside the first class!

Your Instructor - Dom Wells