About Dom

Hey there,

Thanks for deciding to check out more about me, and learning how I can help you, and more importantly, WHY I decided to help you.

Who I Am

Dom Wells; I’m a full-time Internet Marketer, and have been since I first got started in August 2012. I started out in a different manner to that which I hope you will do.

I had very little money when I first started, so I had to build online businesses from the ground up, with zero money to invest. It was the “bootstrap” model.

These days I prefer to buy existing business instead, and now have a portfolio that brings in consistent money every day of the week.

What I Do

I have actually run several different online businesses, some of which I’ve exited, and others that I run alongside this teaching business.

What should matter most to you is that I live and breathe Internet Marketing, and have been building, buying, and selling online businesses of a variety of sizes since 2012.

My largest purchase to date has been $120,000 that I bought myself, and another one for $110,000 that I bought with a partner. I’ve also done a number of smaller deals ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, and I have of course sold sites for a variety of prices too.

I do still build websites from the ground up occasionally, but I’ve learned over the years that it’s much better to start with an exissting business if you have the funds to pay for one. Existing businesses are better because they’re already proven, and they already have cashflow coming in.

Did you know that at today’s prices, if you bought an online business and didn’t even grow it, you could still earn 40% ROI just from the cashflow it produced? It’s a crazy opportunity, and one I am diving more and more into exploring.

Hence, the reason I made this course.

How I Can Help You

There are too many people out there who have money to invest in real estate, in stocks, and even Angel Investing, yet aren’t aware of the possibilities that exist with just buying established online businesses.

In fact, when I was speaking to some customers in one of my other businesses, many of them were complaining that there is no “go to” place to learn about investing in online business, digital assets, or whatever you’d like to call them.

There are some great blogs, podcasts, and influencers out there who have covered parts of the process, but learning everything requires you to do a lot of digging and a lot of searching.

Why not put everything in one place and create a course around it?

If I could spend a few weeks working with you to get you up to speed on everything you need to know, then you’d be able to take advantage of this massive opportunity too, no doubt.

The main thing that stops people diving in and learning more about this opportunity is a lack of understanding in how everything works.

Nobody in their right mind should invest in an online business without learning as much about how websites make money as they can first.

And since I have a ton of expertise and experience in this area, I decided to make a course.

To learn more about it, or to enroll, then read this page.